puraSonica is a community radio station which believes in the power of music, community, creativity and well being to nurture a more conscious, considered and prosperous way of life for everyone.

We provide a never ending stream of beautiful music from some of the most talented DJ’s and artists around the world while raising awareness of the sustainability challenges we face, exploring solutions and supporting local environmental movements and community initiatives through events and programs.

We also support the surfing and yoga communities and list local businesses with quality and a conscience.

As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, we find ourselves part of a world of nearly 7 billion people and growing.

At the same time the natural world finds itself under increasing pressures, extinction rates in all other living systems are running at nearly 1000 times faster than ever before.
Deforestation continues in many parts, to meet the demands of the global consumer, increasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, speeding up climate change and destroying delicate eco systems.

The oceans too are suffering from industrial scale fishing, with many species extinct and others on the verge of collapse. http://endoftheline.com/

The effects of years of consumerism are clearly visible with plastics now littering the seas.http://bit.ly/ bQZh63

The great pacific garbage patch alone (pacific gyre) is an area of human plastic debris said to be the size of Texas. http://bit.ly/6D7x8

We want to help preserve the outstanding natural systems of Pensinsula Nicoya and beyond for future generations and believe in the power of music and people to make change happen.